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Manufactured by: Creature
Model: 11114638

CREATURE CYCLOPS FULL IN SKATEBOARDS COMPLETE SKATEBOARDS - COMPLETE SKATEBOARDSHopefully the Cyclops Full Skateboard from Creature will watch your back. It features: Length: 31.9"Width: 8.2"Wheelbase: 14.228" Nose Length: 6.886"Tail Length: 6.375" Medium ConcaveHard Rock MapleBullet 130 Trucks52mm OJ WheelsABEC 5 Bearings
Manufactured by: Creature
Model: 11114614

CREATURE CREEK FREAKS DECK IN SKATEBOARDS SKATEBOARD DECKS - SKATEBOARD DECKSSkate the waters edge but don\'t fall in with the Creek Freaks Deck from Creature. They feature: 8.25" x 32.04" Wheelbase: 14.353"8.6" x 32.35" Wheelbase: 14.626"Medium Conave100% North American MapleArt by Todd Bratrud
Manufactured by: Creature
Model: 11114317

CREATURE BLACK AND GREEN TEAM DECK IN SKATEBOARDS SKATEBOARD DECKS - SKATEBOARD DECKS Get on board with the Black and Green Team Deck from Creature. It features: Length: 32.25" Width: 8.5"Wheelbase: 14.5"Nose Length: 7.142"Tail Length: 6.4"Medium Concave
Manufactured by: Creature
Model: 11114347

CREATURE DETOX FULL IN SKATEBOARDS SKATEBOARD COMPLETES - COMPLETE SKATEBOARDSRide away the withdrawls on the Detox Full Skateboard from Creature. It features: Length: 31.6" Width: 8"Wheelbase: 14.37"Nose Length: 6.684"Tail Length: 6.5"Medium Concave100% North American Maple Deck