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Manufactured by: Fallen
Model: FA41070087-BDIY

FALLEN CHIEF XI IN SHOES MENS SKATER SHOES -  MENS SKATE SHOES- MENS SHOESThe Fallen Chief XI skate shoes is inspired by Jamie Thomas Signature model and features: Slim, streamlined upperSeamless one-piece toe construction for increased durabilityAbrasion resistant outsoleVulcanized construction
Manufactured by: Fallen
Model: FA41070089-BDIY

FALLEN TORCH IN MENS SHOES SKATE SHOES - MENS SKATE SHOES - MENS SHOESThese shoes might just be what you need to ignite your tricks. The Torch features: streamlined uppertextured and bonded toe protection layerreinforced ollie panel and eystay for durability and stabilityabrasion resistant outsolelow profile cupsole constructionflx eva midsole for impact cushioning in the heel with maximum..
Manufactured by: Fallen
Model: FA41070091-BKOP

FALLEN APACHE SHOE IN SHOES MENS SKATE SHOE - MENS SKATE SHOES -  MENS SHOES The Apache Shoe will have you channeling your ancestors through the ages. It is a Tommy Sandoval signature model and features slim, casual upper with protected lace system, seamless one piece toe construction, abrasion resistant outsole and vulcanized construction.
Manufactured by: Fallen
Model: 40033006-BBK

FALLEN THE EASY IN SHOES MENS SKATE SHOES - MENS SKATE SHOES - MENS SHOES Pick up some new tricks from Brian "Slash" Hansen with his signature model shoes The Easy. They feature: Slim casual upperElastic gussets (wear with or without laces)Low profile vulcanized construcion Abrasion Reisistant Outsole
Manufactured by: Fallen
Model: 40033015-BACD

FALLEN THE EASY VELCRO IN SHOES MENS SKATE SHOES - MENS SKATE SHOES - MENS SHOES You can thank Brian "Slash" Hansen for making Velcro cool again with The Easy Velcro. They feature: Slim casual upperLow profile vulcanized construcion Abrasion Reisistant Outsole