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Manufactured by: Loaded
Model: ICD2

LOADED ICARUS FLEX 2 DECK IN LONGBOARDS LONGBOARD DECKS - DROP THROUGH TRUCKS DECK - LONGBOARD DECKS Fly with the best of them on the Icarus Flex 2 Deck from Loaded. It features: Length: 38.4"Width: 8.6"Wheelbase: 28.25"Weight: 2.9 lbsFlex 2: 75-200+ lbsVertically Laminated Bambo and Fiberglass ConstructionCamber ProfileVariable Concave Minimal Nose and Tail Kicks..
Manufactured by: Loaded
Model: VGD2

LOADED VANGUARD DECK FLEX 2 IN LONGBOARDS LONGBOARD DECKS - TOP MOUNT DECK - LONGBOARD DECKS Make something beautiful with the Vanguard Deck Flex 2 from Loaded. It features: Symmetrical Shape and StanceBalanced Center of Gravity Length: 42"Width: 8.5"Wheelbase: 35"Weight: 2.7-3.8 lbsFlex 2: 150-210+ lbs
Manufactured by: Loaded
Model: HWB125

LOADED BUTTONHEAD HARDWARE IN LONGBOARD HARDWARE - LONGBOARD HARDWAREDon\'t let yourself get caught in a pinch without extra hardware. The Buttonhead Hardware from Loaded it comes in a case with hex key to keep everything together has and a color coded system 1" is green, 1.25" is red, and the 1.5" is grey.