Scooter Tutorials

One of the essential parts of being a scooter rider is the ability tofix and maintain the scooter you’re riding. You never know when you maybe out and about and have to make a quick fix on the fly.

Thankfully,the team at Nomads has been producing content for years educating andinforming the public on how to build and sustain your scooter at home,out and about, or wherever you may be. Featured below is a list oftutorials you can watch and follow along to adjust, fix or maintaincertain elements of your scooter!

How to Install And Assemble IHC Compression

How to stretch an SCS clamp

How To Install Grips Using Hairspray

How to install and make pegs fit on your scooter

How to install bearings into a metal core wheel

How to Install And Assemble HIC compression

How to Remove Headset Cups

How to install a Standard Headset

How to Remove Bearings From Metal Core Scooter Wheels.

How to Install And Assemble ICS Compression

How to Install And Assemble SCS Compression