Advent II Deck 5.5x21.5 Kai Deck


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Say hello to the Native Scooters Advent II deck. The original Advent deck was a fan favorite due to its reliable strength and one of a kind look. It was one of the first decks we had ever seen that featured replaceable Aluminum and Steel deck inserts to increase its lifespan. The new version features the new removable Omni fender since the original one could not be removed. The biggest upgrade to this deck is that it can now ride any size wheel. Native strived to be the first to create a deck that could fit every wheel size in the game from 100mm to 12 STD. So no matter what wheel you decide to throw on this deck, you'll be good to go. Native took everything into account when it came to this deck, whether its foot space or the curvature of the rear drop out to produce the best feeling 5-0's possible. If you're looking for one the best decks on the market, look no further because this is the deck for you. Kai Saunders has been riding for Native for over 2 years now, and has risen the the top of everyones favorite rider list. His ability to hit some of the craziest rails and manual combos with so  much control is desired by pretty much every rider out there. his signature deck features his desired size of 5.5" wide by 21" long and comes in a unique Gold color-way. 

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