Omni Fender

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Color: Black
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Arriving July 1-31


NATIVE Omni Fender
The NATIVE Omni Fender is the most universal fender ever created.
NATIVE specialize in functionality and compatibility making accommodations for as many preferences as possible wherever possible.
The Omni Fender can fit wheels up to 125mm Diameter and 30mm Wide.
Thanks to the unique fastening channel underneath the Omni Fender only requires a 4mm allen key for tightening while the nuts are held tight by the channel.
This also allows you to slide the Omni Fender back to within millimetres of whichever wheel size you choose to run, ensuring maximum foot space and comfort for the rider.
If a deck has either 1 or 2 (preferably 2) brake holes on the top there is a high chance the Omni Fender will fit onto it.
Alternatively you can carefully drill brake holes into your deck and cop the worlds most universal fender.

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