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Rome SDS Crux Mens Bindings

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Rome SDS Crux Mens Bindings

Features Include:

  • Asymmetrical Crux Highback - Minimal coring on the medial side gives this workhorse binding a high level of heelside response
  • Full Highback Rotation - Customisable rotation options for alignment with the heel edge, improving transmition to the board with evenly distributed pressure
  • Yes, I Cant System - Cant your baseplate inwards to give a more natural and comfortable stance
  • AsymWrap Fixed Heel Hoop - With three points of heel hoop connection and Rome's UnderWrap concept at a single point on the medial side of the toe, the AsymWrap platform focuses on a smooth, flexible feel
  • EVA Sub Base Pad - EVA padding fills the gaps between the board and the bindings for a smooth flex
  • Minimist Ankle Strap - The Minimist ankle strap has a smooth, consistent flex and a very light weight
  • Minimist Toe Strap - Sleek, minimal, one-piece design for snug boot hold
  • Quickstrap Technology - Tool free strap adjustment. Less tools mean happier snowboarders
  • Quick Lock Forward Lean - Tool free forward lean adjustment. More smiles!