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Santa Cruz Aura Hand Complete Deck Skateboard 30.6"

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Santa Cruz Aura Hand Complete Deck Skateboard 30.6"

A deck that's perfect for experienced riders, and those just starting - you could toss your kid on this short board and know they're gonna fall in love. And heck, why not? Don't waste time, when you know they're gonna love it. Not a kid, don't got a kid, love this board anyways? Don't worry, it's perfect for you if you're a new rider and a little shorter in stature. Cause it's eady to ride right out of the box, you don't have to waste any time - just get rolling on.

Extra Specs :

  • Seven-ply maple construction.
  • Bullet trucks 53mm, 95a
  • Slime Balls wheels.
  • Width: 7.75" (19.7cm).
  • Length: 31.4" (79.7cm).
  • Wheelbase: 14" (35.6cm).
  • Sheilded bearings
  • Comes completely pre-assembled and ready out of the box.
  • Graphics and stains may vary slightly from the image.