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Smash And Tess The Monday Romper

$148.99 CAD


Smash And Tess The Monday Romper

Just another manic Monday?! Wish it was Sunday? Smash and Tess have the perfect remedy! You know we always got you #smashtessgirls ;) Their new staple Romper will have you saying YASSSSSS MONDAY instead of faking a cough to get out of your 9am meeting. Made in Smash and Tess' signature Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton blend in Midnight Black and custom Slay Grey, this Romper has all the other days of the week seriously jealous. It has ¾ length arms, cute jogger cuffs, and a new and exciting Smash + Tess neckline that’s flattering on every #smashtessgirl. We promise… we tried it on like 100 times and it’s freaking cute.