North Scooters Tomahawk Complete


Color: Trans Forest Green / Silver
Sale price$299.99 CAD


The 2021 North Tomahawk is back again with its killer street style design.  

The tomahawk is back. Coming in at 5.3” wide x 21.5“long, the deck on the tomahawk offers all the added benefits of an aftermarket deck at a reasonable price point. Paired with some good-sized T bars, SCS compression and even 30mm wheels, the tomahawk really is the perfect complete for any rider looking to get into street riding or someone who’s a little bigger and needs a scooter that is comfortable 

The awesome components along with the killer paint finishes and unique graphics all tie the tomahawk together nicely, paired with such a versatile design the tomahawk is everything you need and more. 



Deck: 5.3” wide x 21.5” long (135mm x 546mm) 

Bar: 22.5” wide x 24.5” high (571mm x 622mm) 



Deck: transit extruded deck 5.3" wide x 21.5” long (6061-T6 alu) 

Bars: north t bar 24.5" high x 22.5" wide (4130 chromo) 

Forks: amber 30mm fork - 120mm compatible 

Clamp: hammer scs - 6mm bolts 

Headset: north integrated headset 

Compression: SCS 

Wheels: signal wheels 115 x 30mm - 88a pu 

Brake: flex brake (fits 30mm wheels) 

Grips: essential grips with nylon bar ends 

Welds: tig robotic and hand 


Total Weight: 

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