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Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0572

BONES WHEELS DECENZO YUM YUM 103A IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELS Eat up the road with the Decenzo Yum Yum 103A Wheels from Bones. They feature: Wheel Hardness: 103A or 83BWheel Formula: STF (Street Tech Formula)Suggested Use: StreetWheel Surface: TreadedWheel Shape: V5
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0095

BONES V1 SERIES 103A SKATE WHEELS IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELS If you are a classic street rider who wants an all around performance skate wheel the V1 Series 103A from Bones is for you. It features the street tech formula, center set/reverisble bearing placement, 0.250" lip radius, versatility, stablity, duarbility and the 51mm has a width of 30 mm.
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0496

BONES HOFFART PRINCE V3 103A WHEELS IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELS Become riding royality with the Hoffart Prince V3 103A Wheel from Bones. Featuring: Duro: 103A or 83BStreet Tech FormulaTreaded SurfaceV3 Wheel Shape
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0681

Add a bit of style to your set up with the Bones STF Gustavo Chica V1 Wheels. With the Street Tech Formula (STF) and crafted from top quailty components you will ride better than ever.  They have a higher rebound for more speed and amazing slide capabilities. Plus they have a resistance to flat-spotting as well.Diameter: 51mmWidth: 30mmHardness:..
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0623

BONES FERNANDEZ PRAYER 103A IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELSGet in touch with your higher power with the Fernandez Prayer Wheels from Bones. They feature: No Wheel CoreWheel Formula: STFSuggested Use: StreetTreaded Wheel SurfaceSold in sets of 4
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: ATF-WHEEL-0091

The ATF or All-Terrain Formula wheels are just what you think. They are excellent for rougher roads. Roll smooth even if the streets aren\'t.Specs:Wheel Diameter: 52mmWheel Width: 32mmHardness :80A  
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: SPF-WHEEL-0573

If you love the parks then this is your wheel. Its Skatepark formula is a high quality urethane which resists flatspotting on smooth surfaces. Has a fast roll and a quicker responce. Specs:Diameter: 54mm Width: 31mmHardness: 84B= 104a 
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-624

BONES GRAVETTE BABY LAMB V2 WHEELS IN SKATE WHEELS - SKATEBOARDSHave all the girls oooh-ing and aaahh-ing at the cute Gravette Baby Lamb V2 Wheels from Bones.Sold in sets of 4No Wheel CoreWheel Formula: STF   
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0632

BONES HOFFART BEER MASTER V3 WHEELS IN SKATE WHEELS - SKATEBOARDSSit back and relax with a cold one after riding these Hoffart Beer Master V3 52mm wheels from Bones.Sold in sets of 4No Wheel CoreWheel Formula: STF 
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0627

BONES GUSTAVO OG V1 WHEELS IN SKATE WHEELS - SKATEBOARDSTake these bad boys for a ride! You won\'t be disappointed.  The Gustavo OG V1 52mm wheels from Bones.No Wheel CoreWheel Formula: STFSold in sets of 4
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0498

BONES JAWS HARP 103A WHEELS IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELS Ride the streets like a boss with the Jaws Harp 103A Wheel from Bones. It has a treaded surface, Street Tech Formula, 103A duro, and has a V2 wheel shape.
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0502

BONES WHEELS FELLER ROOST V2 IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELS Don\'t get your feathers ruffled on the Feller Roost Wheels from Bones. They feature: No Wheel CoreWheel Formula: SPFSuggested Use: SkateparksSmooth Wheel Surface
Manufactured by: Bones
Model: STF-WHEEL-0099

BONES WHEELS PARTY PACK III STF 103A WHEELS IN SKATEBOARD WHEELS - SKATE WHEELSHave a grand old time when you ride on the Party Pack III STF Wheels from Bones Wheels. They feature: Wheel Diameter: 52mmWheel Width: 31mmWheel Hardness: 103AWheel Formula: STF (Street Tech Formula)Wheel Surface: TreadedWheel Shape: V1