A Beginner’s Guide to Roller Skating

Roller skating has become a viral sensation in 2020 and the sport’s popularity is continuing far into 2021, but how can you become a part of the action? Nomads carries everything the beginner roller skater needs to be successful, safe and stylish when learning new tricks and hitting the pavement. Though many people think a pair of Impalas is all they need, in reality a few other important items are required for both beginner (and veteran) roller skaters.

First, a set of protective pads are an absolute must! Roller tricks can be difficult to master and skating in general often involves a lot of falling in order to perfect the craft. So ensuring your wrists, knees and elbows and braced for impact is one of the most vital things you can do as a roller skating newbie. Nomads’ protective pads come in a variety of colours and inclusive sizes. To find your perfect set of pads, make sure to grab a measuring tape and follow our sizing guide. You’ll want the pads to fit snug, but be comfortable enough to wear for long skating sessions. 

Secondly, like any other sport that involves strapping yourself into boots, it typically takes a little bit of breaking in time before your roller skates begin to feel comfortable. To minimize any potential foot pain or injury, protecting your piggies with long ankle socks, band-aids and moleskin is strongly recommended. Nomads’ roller socks have a 5-star review from skaters keeping their feet blister-free and come in a mix of trendy colours. So before lacing up, apply extra cushioning to potential pressure areas (back of heel, sides of ankles, etc.) and layer up with a pair of Impala Stripe Socks for fashion, protection and comfort. 

Thirdly, a helmet is an essential item for any new roller skater who values their health and wants to protect their body from injury. Though many of the sensationalized roller skating videos feature people without helmets, it’s important to remember that these individuals have likely been skating for a very long time and are constantly practicing their tricks privately wearing the proper protective gear. Your brain is important, keep it and yourself safe by adding one of Nomads’ many stylish helmets to your roller skating essentials. 

Nomads has just restocked tons of colours and sizes of Impala’s Quad Roller Skates and Impala’s Lightspeed Inline Skates. Order yours and all the other accessories you need to start your roller skating journey today!