The Nomads Ambassador Program is designed to be a reward program for local riders who support the retail Store, have a positive social media Influence and Want to represent Nomads as a Brand.

Riders should be influential in their local area and well represented on social Media. 

Once the bellow form has been submitted and the rider has been approved. They will be eligible for all Benefits listed Bellow.


What is expected of Nomads Ambassadors (NA)


All NA's may announce publicly over social media that they are a Nomads Ambassadors and if they so choose have nomads listed in their Social Media Bio's


All NA's are expected to create posts, related to Scene, on social media; on a regular basis. 


Each post should have @Shopnomads in Description. 


Each Post should Contain #shopnomads


All NA's should be riding their local spots on a regular basis and be present in their local Scene (riding in, Jams, Comps Ext)


All NA's Should be good, positive influences to those around them and should be Willing to help teach and support riders less experienced then them to help foster a stronger local community. 


All NA's are to be positive on social media and not engage in any cyber bullying activities. Such activity may result in removal from the program. 


Such activities include but are not limited to


-Degrading or putting down other riders over social media


-Using crude language on social media 


-Engaging in unnecessary heated arguments with other riders over social media. 


How Nomads Supports all NA's 


 Nomads will provide all NA's with a discount on all gear relating to their Sport.(Some free product may also be given out)


We will also occasionally shout out riders who post high quality content on our social media.


We will Have a page on our website that lists all NA's and their social medias


For NA’s who prove to be more involved and influential in their sport, Nomads May help send them to events to represent the Store.