Maintenance Bronze Tune Up

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Maintenance Bronze Tune Up

Basic Bike Service

Wheels: Secure axle nuts / Or skewers

Drivetrain: Check and/or adjust derailleur limit screws, cable tension, height and angle of front and rear derailleurs. Align derailleur hanger.

Lubricate: Lubricate drivetrain and derailleur pivots.

Tires: Fill tires to maximum stated air pressure.

Brakes: Adjust cable tension (make both levers pull the same amount), adjust brake shoe height, angle and "toe-in" and confirm center orientation on rim.

General: Check/adjust/tighten; stem, handlebar, seat, controls, seatpost, pedals, and crankarms.


Additional Labour charges will apply for any part and accessory installations. Shop supplies, parts and GST are extra.


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