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Rome National Bjorn Snowboard Rome National Bjorn Snowboard Rome National Bjorn Snowboard

$699.99 CAD


Rome National Bjorn Snowboard

It features:

  • Fusion Camber – Fusion camber features positive camber through most of the length with a small bit of rocker just before the contact points for a versatile all-mountain freestyle feel with power, response, and a smoother feel.
  • Flex (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – 7
  • Directional Twin – Slightly longer in the nose but a twin from contact point to contact point, this shape is for versatile, destroy-anything all-mountain freestyle boards.
  • SuperPop Core Matrix – The lightweight, super responsive core found in many of Rome's higher performing boards, this matrix features poplar for power and three zones of low-density wood for lightness.
  • 45/90 Hybrid Laminate – This laminate drives an all-mountain freestyle feel by combining the high response of 45 degree fibers with more playful and finesse-oriented 90 degree fibers.
  • TurboRod Technology – Rome uses a unique application of light and poppy carbon to improve response by milling channels into targeted ares of the core and placing a sleeve inside the channel. They then insert a thin rod of carbon in the sleeve and anchor it at the end of the channel closest to the midpoint of the board so that the carbon can move in and out of the sleeve to load up more energy. When the energy is released, it releases cleanly without vibration to increase power and pop for the board.
  • Carbon Reverse Radial V – This pattern features arcs that start under the bindings and bend towards the middle of the board at the contact points in the nose and tail. This focuses rider energy in the middle of the board for added ollie pop.
  • SinterStrong Sidewalls – Sintered sidewalls increase strength against impacts by being more elastic than traditional sidewalls while dampening vibrations for a smoother overall ride.
  • SinterSpeed Base – This base delivers the premium speed that freeriders and freestyle artists need for gliding in cold powder and building speed for epic takeoffs.
  • Glasspack Impact Plates – The corners of your bindings put a lot of force on your snowboard when you load up energy or land a big drop. Impact Plates under the four corners of your bindings absorb and disperse energy before it has a chance to compress the core for 2.5X greater strength.
  • 2 x 4 Binding Inserts