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Rome SDS Vice Bindings 2019

$319.99 CAD


Rome SDS Vice Bindings 2019

Features Include:

  • Flex Supportive 6-8.
  • Baseplate V-rod Ultralight Base plate. This design means that the base has thicker pieces of foam for more flex and thinner sections for increase power transfer.
  • EVA subbase pad. This pad absorbs stock from impact for landings and reduction of vibrations.
  • Highback Asym Vice highback. This is a flexible and lightweight highback, which is also responsive.
  • Full highback rotation
  • AsymWrap 2 technology, this three point heel hoop connection is flexible and will allow you to tweak and feel freestyle features.
  • Straps Contour boss 2.0 ankle strap. This strap provides comfort and support when riding.
  • ConformGrip 2.0 toe strap. This TPU frame with a high friction web increased the straps grip on your boot.
  • Adjustments PivotMount technology. The ankle strap is adjustable, it can be placed in 3 different position to change whether its low for maximum tweak, mid for both power and freedom, or high for max power.